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I am currently working on improving my list of speech therapy apps in Excel.  The new list will include links to Google Play, Amazon and Nook for available apps.  I have also added a tracking data column which will tell if the app tracks and emails data.  The process is taking a while.  I may not be done with the Excel file with all the details until this summer.  Until then you can view my list of apps on the Amazon Appstore here and my list of 225+ Apps in Google Play below. Please comment if you have more apps to add to the list.

Speech Therapy Android Apps in Google Play
AAC Go Stop – Female
AAC Go Stop – Male
AAC More Finished – Female
AAC More Finished – Male
AAC My Message
AAC speech communicator
Aac Talking Tabs
AAC TurnTaking – Female
AAC TurnTaking – Male
AAC YesNo – Female
AAC YesNo – Male
ABC Phonics Rhyming Bee
ABC Phonics Word Family
Ablah Demo
Alexicom AAC for Android
All About You, All About Me Fun Deck
Aly Artic
Articulation Flash Cards /r/
ASL Dictionary
ASL Dictionary by Baby Sign and Learn
ASL Dictionary for Baby Lite
ASL Dictionary Tablet
ASL Emergency Signs
ASL Spelling Game – My Smart Hands
ASL Translator
ASL Word Immersion
Auditory Analysis (UK Version)
Autism & PDD Comparatives/Superlatives
Autism & PDD Comparatives/Superlatives Lite
Autism & PDD Grammar
Autism & PDD Grammar Lite
Autism & PDD Opposites
Autism & PDD Opposites Lite
Autism & PDD Yes/No Questions
Autism & PDD Yes/No Questions Lite
Autism and PDD Associations
Autism and PDD Associations Lite
Autism and PDD Basic Questions
Autism and PDD Basic Questions Lite
Autism and PDD Categories
Autism and PDD Concepts
Autism and PDD Concepts Lite
Autism and PDD Reasoning and Problem Solving
Autism iHelp – Animals
Autism iHelp – Food
Autism iHelp – Home
Autism iHelp – Play
Autism iHelp – Sounds
Autism iHelp – WH Questions 1
Autism MindAwakener
Autism MindAwakenerPro
Autism Speech DiegoSays
Autism Speech DiegoSaysPro
Avaz For Autism
Baby Care & Dress Up – Play, Love and Have Fun with Babies
Baby Sign and Learn
Baby Sign and Learn Free Sample
Baby Sign and Sing
Baby Sign and Sing Lite
Baby Signing – My Smart Hands
Baby Signing Lite – My Smart Hands
BoxOfWords FREE
Cake Maker Kids – Cooking Game (Ads Free)
Calm Counter – Autism
Challenge Word Pack for Spell Me Right
Compare and Contrast Fun Deck
Compliments Speech Tool
Conversation Social Stories
Cupcake Kids – Cooking Game
Divorce Social Story
Do and Does Fun Deck
Dog Story – Learn Opposites – Pet Animal Adventures – An Interactive Children’s Story Toddlers Book HD
Dress up Dolls
Emotions and Feelings – A Social Story, Speech Tool and Simple Visual Support About Emotion and Feelings for Aspergers, Autism, Down Syndrome and other Special Needs
Fact or Opinion? Fun Deck
FalaFácil Autismo DiegoDiz
FalaFácil Autismo DiegoDiz Pro
First Words for Toddlers 1: Animals
First Words for Toddlers 2: Fruits
First Words for Toddlers 3: Sea Animals
Free Speech
Fun Deck Following Directions
Gabby Tabs – AAC for Kids
Gabby Tabs Lite – AAC for Kids
Going Shopping Social Story
Grammar Fun 2nd Grade HD
Grammar Up : Free Edition
HablaFácil Autismo DiegoDice
HablaFácil Autismo DiegoDicePro
Has & Have Fun Deck
Hear 2 Read
Homophones Fun Deck
How Would You Feel If…Fun Deck
How? Fun Deck
Ice Cream Kids – Cooking Game (Ads Free)
If…Then… Fun Deck
Irregular Plurals – English Language Art Grammar App
Irregular Verbs – English Language Art Grammar App
Irregular Verbs Fun Deck
iToucan Talk (Autism) Alpha
iToucan Talk (Autism) Beta
iTouchiLearn Words for Preschool Kids
IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ
Joke Telling Social Story
Kids Elementary Grades Pack for Spell Me Right
Kids Puzzle Game PUZZINGO for Toddler and Preschooler with Animals, Numbers, Letters, and More
Knock Knock Numbers
LangLearner Speaker
Learn-A-Licious Preschool
Learn-A-Licious Preschool Lite
Let’s Make Soup with One, Some and All!
Let’s Name…Things Fun Deck
Let’s Predict Fun Deck
Listening For Absurdities Fun Deck
Little Jude Sky’s Really Strange Day Pt. 1
Manners Social Story
May Day With WH Words Story
Mix And Match
Mix and Match Free
MyVoice MyWords Tablet
Name That Category Fun Deck
Niki Talk
Opposites Fun Deck
Pair Up
Pair Up FREE – Brain Teaser
Pics Pecs Austism 
Pic-See Lite
PictoDroid Lite 
PictoPlus: AAC 3D Pictograms 
Pizza Maker Kids – Cooking Game
Plaphoons for Android Beta
Plurals Fun Deck
Pocket Artic (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Pocket SLP – Articulation
Pocket SLP – Tablet (for Honeycomb [3.0])
Point Talker Free
Potty Training Social Story
PowerVocab Advanced Reader Pack
PowerVocab Kids Elementary Reader Pack
PowerVocab Spanish Words Pack
PowerVocab Ultra Edition
Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck
Preference and Reinforcer
Puzzingo Kids Puzzles (Pro)
Quick Talk AAC
Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck
Running Social Story
Sentences Builder
Sly Apraxia
Sly Blends
Sly ChShTh
Sly F&V
Sly K&G
Sly L&R
Sly P&B
Sly S&Z
Sly T&D
Smart Howl Demo 
Sono Flex
Sono Flex Lite
Spanish Words Pack for Spell Me Right
Speak For Yourself 
SpeakForMe Free
Speech Assistant
Speech Therapy for Apraxia
Speech Therapy for Apraxia – Words
Spell Me Right
Spot The Color
Spot The Color Free
Staying Safe Social Story
STS Artic. Town L
STS Artic. Town S
STS House
Super Duper Age Calculator
Super Duper Data Tracker
Symbol Path 
Taking Care of My Device Story
Talk 2 All 
Talk Android
Talk to Me 100 Lite (Autism) 
TapToTalk MultiPlayer
The R App for Parents
Touch and Go Speak
Turn Taker – Autism
Two Speak
Type and Speak
Understanding Inferences Fun Deck
Using I And Me Fun Deck
Using Money and Saving Money
Using My Words to Ask 
Virtual Voice
Visual Cues AAC
Visual Cues AAC 
Vocabulicious Kinder
Vocabulicious Kinder Free
Vocal Slides
Vocal Slides II
War of the Words Pack for Spell Me Right
Was & Were Fun Deck
WH Questions at Home Fun Deck
WH Questions at School Fun Deck
What Are They Asking? Fun Deck
What Does Miss Bee See? Fun Deck
What is Today?
What Would You Do at Home If… Fun Deck
What Would You Do at School If… Fun Deck
What’s Being Said? Fun Deck
What’s Different
What’s Different Free
Word-A-Licious Toddler
Word-A-Licious Toddler Lite
Yes or No? Fun Deck
Yes-No Your Way

6 thoughts on “SLP Android Apps

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  4. Hi your post is very helpful. I’ve been thinking of getting an ipad bec I thought there are no great speech apps in google playstore. I tried installing some apps like autism&pdd but it says that it is not compatible with my device. I am using samsung galaxy s4, hope you can guide me on fixing this. Thank you!

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