My Microsoft Office Files

I think I lost some people in my move to WordPress.  So I thought I would link to all 5 of the Microsoft Office files I am sharing for free.  With WordPress all of these files can be downloaded directly from me except for Caseload Data Tools because it has macros.  Even if my blog gets shutdown, my files will always be saved on at  I know that many schools block access to blogs, but you should be able to download them from anywhere.

If anyone would like me to share these files in Google Drive, comment on this post with your email address. I approve all of my comments before they become public.  If you give me your email address, I will add it to my share list on Google Drive and then delete the comment.

Click on the file picture to download it and the file name to go to the post with more information.

Evaluation Performance Graph

Click here to download my evaluation performance graph (dxgraph)

Highlighted Evaluation Performance Graph

Click here to download my Highlighted Evaluation Performance Graph

Caseload Data Tools (with macros): find and download CaseloadDataTools.xlsm from when you click the picture

Click here to download Caseload Data Tools from

Excel Student Data Sheet

Click here to download my Excel student data sheet

Word Student Data Sheet

Click here to download my Word Student Data Sheet

In addition I have created a list of Android apps in the Amazon Appstore in Excel

Check back here in April to get a free flashcard Excel file.


Individual Client Tracking Sheets

I was cleaning out and reorganizing all the files in my computer and found two sheets I used track client data before I created my Caseload Data Tools.  One file is in Microsoft Word and can be downloaded here.
The other is an Excel file and can be downloaded here.
I figured out how to put all of my files in one folder (album) on  They are all here, but all the download counts have been reset to zero.