Amazon App of The Day: Timers4Me & Stopwatch Pro

Timers4Me & Stopwatch ProIf you have an Android device and you don’t have a timer/stopwatch, you should download Amazon Appstore’s  app of the day.  It is a highly customizable timer, stopwatch, and alarm.  The timer and alarm clock has a log which can be emailed. Multiple timers can be created and saved.  The stopwatch works well as a counter if you want to track something during therapy, but as far as I can figure out the data cannot be saved. This app can be downloaded or saved to “your apps” for free today (4/21/2013).  Click the app picture above or here to view the app. This timer appears to be much better than the one Amazon had for free in March and it has an alarm.

The Amazon Appstore can be downloaded on almost any Android Device.  Find out how to install it here.


Security and In-App Purchasing

I work on a Native American reservation.  Last week one of the special education teachers I work with had her iPad stolen by a student.  Fortunately, she was able to find out which student took it.  She took the student home announcing “I am here for my iPad”.  She then got it back, but all her photos etc., had been removed.  I think she was fortunate that they didn’t purchase any apps using her account.   It probably helped that a lot of Navajo don’t have access to internet at home.

After seeing this story unfold first hand, I realized I need to beef up the security on my devices.  I added pin codes to all my devices to prevent a thief from purchasing apps on the device with my money.  Here is a link of how to add pin codes on Android, iOS, and Windows phones/tablets.   The pin code will be required for all app purchases after it is added.  If you have the Amazon Appstore on your device don’t forget to set up pin codes for it also.

Not only does using pin codes provide an extra layer of security if someone steals your device, it prevents accidental in-app purchases as well.  There are some great (freemium) apps that use in-app purchasing like  Puzzingo.  With pin codes, it is much safer to use these apps with children.

Lock screens also can add a layer of protection.  The Android lock screen even stumped the FBI, so it should make it hard for a thief also.


There are some great security apps that can help find a lost device and lock it from use if stolen. I personally use Lookout Mobile Security.  It can help you locate a device by making the device scream, send you a picture of the person using the device,  and showing you where it is located on a map.   It can also lock your device remotely. I have heard  avast! Mobile Security is  another good security app.  Both of these apps are free.

Amazon Appstore: Free Timer/Stopwatch Today and Discounts on Dr. Suess Books until March 11th

Click here to see StopWatch & Timer  ProClick here to look at The Foot Book.

The app of the day in the Amazon Appstore is StopWatch & Timer Pro.  Amazon is also running a even bigger sale on Dr. Suess books, including one of my personal favorites The FOOT Book.  I frequently use this book to work on /f/ and opposites in therapy.  The Dr. Suess sale will end March 11th.  They are also discounting lots of children’s apps today.  Check out all these deals here.

The Amazon Appstore can be downloaded on almost any Android Device.  Find out how to install it here.

Android Battery Saver Apps

     GreenPower Premium  JuiceDefender - Battery Saver
Name Easy Battery Saver GreenPower Juice Defender – Battery Saver
Marketplace Google Play Google Play; Amazon Appstore Google Play; Amazon Appstore (not with Fire)
Price Free Free/$2.90 Free (Paid Version not Tested)
MB 1.7 2.4 1.8
Operating System 2.0 or higher 2.1 or higher 2.1 or higher
SD Card Yes Yes Yes
My Rating 3/5 4/5 3/5

Is your android phone or tablet dying in the middle of a therapy session or do you have to keep it plugged in all the time?  I would recommend trying a battery saver app. With a good app and the right setting, I have nearly doubled my the battery life of my phone and tablet from a little over 1 day to 2 days.  There are a lot to choose from but a lot of apps that just display battery information show up while searching.  Some don’t work well; one  says it is a battery saver but appears to just collects your search data.  Battery Saver [2x Battery] says it’s a placebo and doesn’t boost battery life in it’s description, but has almost 5 stars with over 12,000 reviews.  Many of the reviews say it improves battery life!

There are some that actually do improve battery life by helping you control your data, wifi, display etc.  I used Easy Battery Saver for about a year. It worked well but the ads got very annoying. They got so bothersome I had to uninstall it. I tried a few others.  A major feature, I wanted was quick access to turn on/off my data of my 2.3 Android phone.  Easy Battery Saver data toggle worked well on my phone.  Juice Defender’s data toggle did not work on my phone.  Juice Defender worked ok on my Tablet, but I wasn’t impressed enough to try a paid version of it.  My battery life was a little better than without it, but not as much as I hoped.

Last month I switched to GreenPower Premium after trying the free version.  It has worked well on both my tablet and phone, but has taken some time to tweak to my desired settings.  The data/wifi toggle works well. After getting the setting adjusted, both my tablet and phone now can last about 2 days.  GreenPower also works on the Kindle Fire.  I have noticed a significant increase in data usage with GreenPower (in comparison to Easy Battery Saver).  I am guessing that this is because GreenPower is allowing my phone to check my emails with much greater frequency.    If you don’t mind paying for an app,  I recommend GreenPower Premium. If you want a free app try Easy Battery Saver, but you have been warned of the ads!