SLP Android Apps in the Amazon Appstore

I have started a list of speech language therapy apps in the Amazon Appstore. Comment Below if you know of any to be added to the list.


Fact or Opinion App by Super Duper Updated

Super Duper updated their Fact or Opinion App last week.  I tested it today with some students and it is working much better.  The student data is sent within the email and as an attachment. Previously it wasn’t sending the data at all. Overall I am impressed with the response to my email. Now let’s see if they get around to updating the rest of their apps.  Hopefully they will make all of them send the student data within the email.
The Fact or Opinion App is a great app for older elementary, middle school and high school students. It works great with an individual and groups.  

Do and Does Fun Deck

Update: this app has been fixed.  It now gives you the option of emailing in text and/or an attachment.
Rating: 5/5
This is another good language app that is working well on my Android devices.  Like the Super Duper Inc. other apps, if SD card is on the device it will store most of itself on the SD card so it only takes up 2 MB. My only problem with it is that it sends the data in an attachment instead of within the email.

Super Duper Name that Category Fun Deck

Rating: 5/5
This app provides you with all of the Super Duper “Name that Category” flashcards. It works well with single student or a group, providing automatic switching between students.  All of the Super Duper flashcard apps provide a high quality audio of the flashcard option if it is touched, this one has a correct and incorrect button which keeps score. The data can be sent within an email.  The data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device/SD card. I would recommend this app for lower elementary students working on basic categorical skills.

Hearbuilder Following Directions Software

Rating: 5/5
As a SLP, I use the professional version of this software with my students. It provides an engaging way for children to learn basic concepts (e.g., if, or, first, all, and after) as well as improve their abilities of following directions. I would recommend this software to be used with elementary age child who is having difficulties in these areas. Parts of this software would be appropriate for preschool children. It is currently cheaper to purchase here than it is to purchase it directly off of Super Duper Inc. website.

Opposites Fun Deck

Opposites Fun Deck provides you with access to all of Super Duper Opposite flashcards on you Android device. Like many of the recent Super Duper apps, this one provides the student with a choice of 2 words (e.g., “full” or “empty”) to complete a sentence.
All of the Super Duper flashcard apps provide a high quality audio of the flashcard option  if it is touched. Their apps work great for single student or multiple students at the same time. The data can be sent in an email when completed. The data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device/SD card. This app is currently sending the data as an html attachment and not within the email.
For some reason this app is not storing itself on the SD card of my devices.  It takes up over 14 MB of space on your device. All of the other Super Duper flashcard apps I have tested store most of app on the SD card by default, so if you have an device with and SD card, you have more room for other apps and stuff.  Kindle Fires do not have SD cards so it doesn’t matter for them. 
I am giving this app 3 stars until it is updated to send the data within the email and store itself on the SD card; otherwise it works well.  I would recommend using this app for preschool and lower elementary students.

Email to Super Duper Inc.

Below is an email I sent to Super Duper today.
I am a SLP who is enjoying many of your great Apps on my Android Devices. I currently own 14 of you them, most of which I have purchased through the Amazon market. I am currently in the process of reviewing all of these apps on Amazon and my website. I have noticed some issues with a few of the apps and thought I would let you know.
I have been unable to get the Fact or Opinion? app to send student data through email.  Every time I click email results, it says “Error email file not created”.  I have tried this on my Lenovo A1, LG Doubleplay, and Kindle Fire and gotten the same result on all of them.
Opposites Fun Deck and Data Tracker do not store themselves on or allow me to move them to my SD card. It would be nice if these apps stored themselves on the SD card like your other apps especially Opposites Fun Deck which takes up over 14.5 MB of space.
I enjoyed the change in some of your initial apps that placed the student data within email instead of an attachment.  Having the data within the email makes it a lot easier to find and view as well as takes up less space.  I was surprised that this change didn’t continue with the new apps.  Of my 14 apps Understanding Inferences, Name That Category!, Let’s Name Things, Wh Questions at School, Wh Questions at Home, All About You, All About Me, and Fun Deck Following Directions send the data within the email; Data Tracker, Regular Past Tense Verbs, Opposites, Irregular Verbs, Plurals, and Homophones send it as an attachment.  Fact or Opinion? isn’t working.
Storing a copy of the html file used to create the email on the device may be helpful for some people, but I just find it annoying to have to go and delete sometimes fifty+ files on the device. You may want to let your customers know that a file is being saved on the device so they don’t run into problems. Not too many people look at the folders on their tablets or phones.  If possible in future versions of the apps you might want to at least provide the option of deleting the html file after the email has been sent.
Overall your apps are great tools in therapy. I use them every day and look forward to new additions and improvements.
Roger Wagner CCC-SLP

Plurals Fun Deck

Update: Super Duper allows the users to to email in text and attachment in an update with this app.
Rating: 4/5
Another good Super Duper App for SLPs. This one provides the student with a choice of 2 words (i.e., plural & singular) to complete a sentence. The program can read the sentence and choices.  Singular and Plural forms are both targeted. Irregular and regular plurals are included.
One thing I don’t like about the app is that there is no quick way to just select irregular or regular. Another is that when you email the data it is in an attachment instead of within the email.  Like the other Super Duper apps the data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device.  If these aren’t deleted occasionally they can build up. I had over 50 when I first found them.