Amazon App of the Day: Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar


Amazon’s free app of the day is Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This app works on counting, vocabulary, quantity, and addition within five levels.  Kids are asked to select the food items  that the very hungry caterpillar eats within the story, quantities are of the food items are also targeted (e.g., “Please eat two apples”).  I tested this app and  would recommend it to speech language pathologists and parents with preschool and early elementary kids working on labeling food and quantities.

The Amazon Appstore can be downloaded on almost any Android Device.  Find out how to install it here.


Auditory Analysis


Name Auditory Analysis (USA Version)
Creator Talking Talk
Marketplace Google Play & Amazon Appstore
Category Phonological Awareness
Price $   4.99
MB 33.1
Operating System 2.3.3
SD Card Yes
My Rating 5/5

Auditory Analysis is one of the more interesting and engaging apps I am using in speech therapy.   It uses the built in microphones (in phones and most tablets) to record and repeat audio clips. This allows students to compare their answers to the target answer then choose if they got it correct or not.   All of the students I have tried this with love this feature. They enjoy the ability to hear themselves.  My students also like the two fun games which can be used as rewards.   It has worked well with groups of students or a student using it by himself.

This app works on phonological awareness in 7 different levels: omitting part of compound words, omitting part of a two syllable words, omitting the initial phonemes, omitting the final phonemes, substituting initial or final phonemes, omitting part of consonant blends, and substituting part of consonant blends.  The data is tracked and can be emailed.

This app is currently only available on Android devices. The creator has made a video. Check it out here:

Super Duper Name that Category Fun Deck

Rating: 5/5
This app provides you with all of the Super Duper “Name that Category” flashcards. It works well with single student or a group, providing automatic switching between students.  All of the Super Duper flashcard apps provide a high quality audio of the flashcard option if it is touched, this one has a correct and incorrect button which keeps score. The data can be sent within an email.  The data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device/SD card. I would recommend this app for lower elementary students working on basic categorical skills.

Opposites Fun Deck

Opposites Fun Deck provides you with access to all of Super Duper Opposite flashcards on you Android device. Like many of the recent Super Duper apps, this one provides the student with a choice of 2 words (e.g., “full” or “empty”) to complete a sentence.
All of the Super Duper flashcard apps provide a high quality audio of the flashcard option  if it is touched. Their apps work great for single student or multiple students at the same time. The data can be sent in an email when completed. The data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device/SD card. This app is currently sending the data as an html attachment and not within the email.
For some reason this app is not storing itself on the SD card of my devices.  It takes up over 14 MB of space on your device. All of the other Super Duper flashcard apps I have tested store most of app on the SD card by default, so if you have an device with and SD card, you have more room for other apps and stuff.  Kindle Fires do not have SD cards so it doesn’t matter for them. 
I am giving this app 3 stars until it is updated to send the data within the email and store itself on the SD card; otherwise it works well.  I would recommend using this app for preschool and lower elementary students.