Jo Frost Rewards – Amazon App of the Day

Amazon’s Appstore for Android has a behavior tracking app as the free app of the day.  I have installed and briefly looked at this app.  It looks like it could come in handy in therapy for tracking kids behaviors.  A list of at least 44 kids can be added and different behaviors can be added to each student. The tasks and behaviors  are currently setup for home use but can be modified.  Multiple points can be added at once by completing a task.  Points can also be added or taken away one at a time.  Percentages of right vs wrong are not tracked, only a total of points, but if you are an SLP that tallies correct answers (e.g., number of times /r/ is said correctly) this could be a very handy app.   Download it for free today only here.  If you would like to check Amazon’s free app of the day frequently bookmark this link.  If you don’t have the Amazon Appstore for Android you can download it by following the instructions here.


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