Nook HD & HD+ Now has Google Play and Hundreds of Apps for SLPs

Just in time for Mother’s Day: The Nook HD and HD+ have access to all the Google Play apps.  This means any speech language pathologist who has one of these devices just multiplied their choice of speech and language apps over tenfold.  The Nook also slashed their prices. Best Buy is running 3 day Mother’s Day sale so you can now get the 7 inch HD with 8 GB for $150 and 16 GB for $180. The 9 inch Nook HD+  with 16 GB is $180 and with 32 GB is $200.  All these devices have SD card slots for expandable memory.  Right now, these is probably the best deal for good Android tablet with expandable memory.  You are not going to find a better 9 inch tablet for $200.

With Google Play there are over 250 app that could be used for speech therapy.  Check out my SLP Android Apps page for details.   Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but this is a really good deal. It would make an awesome Mother’s Day present for an SLP who doesn’t have a tablet yet.  The only reason I am going to buy one of these is because they don’t support sideloading.  This means the Amazon Appstore is not available and it won’t be very difficult for me to install apps given to me to review on this blog.  Google Play has 99% of the Apps on Amazon and a lot more.  Neither of these issues should be a problem for most people.


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