Security and In-App Purchasing

I work on a Native American reservation.  Last week one of the special education teachers I work with had her iPad stolen by a student.  Fortunately, she was able to find out which student took it.  She took the student home announcing “I am here for my iPad”.  She then got it back, but all her photos etc., had been removed.  I think she was fortunate that they didn’t purchase any apps using her account.   It probably helped that a lot of Navajo don’t have access to internet at home.

After seeing this story unfold first hand, I realized I need to beef up the security on my devices.  I added pin codes to all my devices to prevent a thief from purchasing apps on the device with my money.  Here is a link of how to add pin codes on Android, iOS, and Windows phones/tablets.   The pin code will be required for all app purchases after it is added.  If you have the Amazon Appstore on your device don’t forget to set up pin codes for it also.

Not only does using pin codes provide an extra layer of security if someone steals your device, it prevents accidental in-app purchases as well.  There are some great (freemium) apps that use in-app purchasing like  Puzzingo.  With pin codes, it is much safer to use these apps with children.

Lock screens also can add a layer of protection.  The Android lock screen even stumped the FBI, so it should make it hard for a thief also.


There are some great security apps that can help find a lost device and lock it from use if stolen. I personally use Lookout Mobile Security.  It can help you locate a device by making the device scream, send you a picture of the person using the device,  and showing you where it is located on a map.   It can also lock your device remotely. I have heard  avast! Mobile Security is  another good security app.  Both of these apps are free.


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