Google Blogger Rant

Google shut down (for the second time) and completely locked me out of my blog over a month ago (2/16), because it thought it was spam.  Luckily I just happened to have backed up my blog the night before, so I could copy to   I requested that they review it at least 8 times.  Each time I got a email saying they would get back to me about the blog within 2 business days.   I never got response explaining why or what I could do to get the blog back.  Two days ago, I requested they review my blog again, and yesterday they finally unlocked my blog, sending me a “no-reply” email apologizing for the mistake.    In my opinion an apology with a “no-reply” email is not really an apology.

I am sorry if you are one of the many people viewing my BlogSpot blog and lost me during my switch to  After all the fun (I could use other words but they wouldn’t be professional) I have had with Blogger, I think I will stay here at


One thought on “Google Blogger Rant

  1. I haven’t had that experience with Blogger but am not impressed with it either. I’ve been considering switching both of my blogs to WP. I may do that when the school year ends, which is about 8 weeks away.

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