Website Wednesday: FunBrain

Many speech language pathologists who work in the schools have probably heard of FunBrain, but did you know it has stuff you can use in therapy.  I use some of the games from the Word Games section during therapy.  All of these games keep score and the kids enjoy them.  Below is a list of the ones I have found useful.

2Bee or Nottoobee – works on the “be” verbs

The Plural Girls – works on regular and irregular plurals; two levels in both multiple choice and fill in the blank

Vocabulary – works on making words (text) to pictures in the areas of alphabet, animals, fruit, tools, machines, and shapes

Word Confusion – works on homophones in two levels

Scramble-Saurus Game – works on unscrambling words with a provided clue with three levels and multiple topics

Grammar Gorillas – works on identifying parts of speech within sentences

There are also Mad Libs a and spelling games.

I apologize for anyone who checked out my blog last Wednesday expecting a website.  Amazon had a free app that could be used in therapy so I posted on that instead.  I will try to keep my Wednesday posts on websites (except for when Amazon has good therapy app on Wednesday).  Next week will be a great resources for both online and offline (app) use.  Be sure you check back next week!


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