Website Wednesday:

I have decided to add a weekly post on a website I am using in therapy. There are so many great websites for speech therapy. I seem to find one or two every week.

One of my favorite language websites for upper elementary to high school students is This website is great for working on vocabulary and grammar. In the vocabulary section it works on identifying synonyms of a target word from a choice of four, and the grammar section works on selecting a grammatically correct sentence from a choice of two. There are many other subjects, but I haven’t found them as useful for therapy.

As the student answers several questions correctly they advance to the next level. If they get a question wrong it moves back a level. This provides a general way to track progress; unfortunately it doesn’t track wrong answers. The levels can be adjusted to a desired starting point. All correct answers provide 10 grains of rice to the Word Food Programme, helping to feed those in need. Ads are used on the website to get money for the donations, but I haven’t found these ads too bothersome.

I like to use this website with students if I have a few minutes left after completing my main activities. It is also a great website to recommend to other teachers. There is an app for this website in Google Play, but it is basically just the website, with quick access to the different subjects. It requires an internet connection.



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