This Blog is Under Development

Please excuse my blog, it is still in transition.  I recently and abruptly moved from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger twice temporarily closed my blog because it thought it was spam.  The second time, I decided just to close my blog on Blogger and move to WordPress.   I will be participating in the development of an exciting new website called Yapp Guru, and I would like to have a blog that I don’t have to worry about being temporarily closed when I step away from it.  Yapp Guru should be up in the next couple months.

For the next month I will be focusing primarily on the Android part of my blog.  I will be updating my posted reviews and adding more.  A users guide to buying Android Tablets is in the works.  I also will be further discussing Bluestacks (running Android apps on Windows computers), and adding to my lists (Android apps in the Amazon Appstore and other SLP blogs).  There may be less new posts  in the next few weeks as I work to improve what I have.

I have several more Excel files in development, but would love to hear ideas of  what you would like.  If something can be done in Excel, I can probably figure out how to do it.  Comment if you have wanted to do something in Excel but can’t figure it out.


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