Individual Client Tracking Sheets

I was cleaning out and reorganizing all the files in my computer and found two sheets I used track client data before I created my Caseload Data Tools.  One file is in Microsoft Word and can be downloaded here.
The other is an Excel file and can be downloaded here.
I figured out how to put all of my files in one folder (album) on  They are all here, but all the download counts have been reset to zero.  

3 thoughts on “Individual Client Tracking Sheets

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  2. thank you so much for all these files. However, they are not showing up in my files after I download. I have Excel on this computer; also, not sure what is. would you please further define why these files would not show up.

    • Without much details on what your computer and internet software are, I can’t help much. I am guessing that the file is downloading to a different folder than where you are looking. Generally downloaded files are saved in a folder called Downloads.
      If you can’t find this folder in your file explorer, let’s try something else. Usually your internet browser tells you when the file is downloaded (some where in the top or bottom). If you click on this message, it will hopefully give you the option of opening the file or the folder it is located in. You can then move it from the folder or open the file and save it to the desired location. If this doesn’t help, please tell me what type of computer you have (e.g., Windows XP or a Mac) and what internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Chrome) you are using.

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