Email to Pocket SLP

Below is my Email to Pocket SLP
Dear PocketSLP,
I am enjoying your speech therapy apps for android devices.  I have a tablet and phone and am using both your Pocket SLP Articulation, and Little Jude Sky 1 apps.  I like them both, but have a few suggestions for improvement.  Many android apps let you store most of the app on the SD card.  Both your apps are over 20 MB. Please give your apps this feature, because I am running out of space on my tablet.
The Pocket SLP Articulation app works great on both my tablet and phone. It is by far the best articulation app I have found.  There are a few mistakes/glitches I have noticed while using the sentences feature though.  There are no sentences for ‘z’.  It just goes to the word level for both the word and sentence level.  
Some sentences aren’t really sentences.
  • One thousand kids.
  • The smoking volcano.  
  • The number four.
  • The number five.
  • A smoking volcano.
  • The number seven.

There are a few capital letter mistakes.
  • Look at the Chalk stick. (C)
  • The Orange is good. (O)
  • The Gorilla is mad. (G)
  • I bought some Art today. (A)
  • We went to oregon state. (o)

One sentence is missing an apostrophe.
  • The kitten lost its mittens. (it’s)

Two sentence missing a letter.
  • The went north yesterday.  (They?)
  • Buy some tomatos. (tomatoes)

One sentence missing a period.
  • Game starts with G(.)

The start screen in Little Jude Sky’s Very Strange Day Pt. 1 isn’t sized properly on my Lenovo A1 or my phone. “I can read” is hidden behind the “Cancel” and “Read” buttons on the tablet and completely inaccessible on my phone.  When the app is run in ‘Read to me’ mode on my tablet, there is a glitch on the fourth page if ‘window’ is selected for ‘moon’, the app consistently crashes and closes.
I really like your apps.  Fixing these problems and allowing SD card storage will make them even better.
Roger Wagner CCC-SLP

3 thoughts on “Email to Pocket SLP

  1. Actually, there is no apostrophe in the “its” in “The kitten lost its mittens”. “It’s” is a contraction of It and Is. The apostrophe doesn’t appear in the possessive non-gender-specific third person singular, despite being present in the specifically-named third person singular – Henry’s, Madge’s, but Its.

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