Battery Saver App

I have been on the search for a good battery saver app this week.  I got fed up with the advertisements on Easy Battery Saver. In addition to the annoying ads within the program it has started putting ads in the notifications bar. I decided it was worth the 3 dollars to purchase an app without ads. My favorite feature of Easy Battery Saver was the easy access to turning on and off data, and of course the improved battery performance. Without a battery saver my phone and tablet last about a day and with them at least 2 days. 

So after much deliberation, I decided on GreenPower Premium. I tried the free version (with ads) first. I am happy so far. It has lots of good features. I ended up disabled having it control my Wi-Fi on my phone, so I can use it to quickly disable/enable my data. It can also disable or enable Wi-Fi/data for specific apps and has night options. My battery life is still around 2 days. If ads don’t bother you, I suggest Easy Battery Saver which is free.


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