Updated Evaluation Performance Graph

Well the world did not end yesterday, so I have updated my Evaluation Performance Graph (DxGraph.xlsx) with a few minor improvements. This is my Christmas gift to all the other SLPs who work so hard to improve other people’s lives.  I decreased the side margins, creating more room to type in the test names.  In addition, very long test names will now auto adjust to the size of the cell, this will hopefully prevent the chart from overflowing into a second page. You are welcome to remove the footer and modify the file for your own personal use. If you unprotect the worksheet from the Review menu in the ribbon (menus at the top), you can make a lot more modifications, but be careful not to change the column widths of the cells under the Normal Distribution Curve.   In my personal file, I have filled the columns on both sides of the standard score 70 with a different color to emphasis my qualification cut-off area.  I didn’t include this in the file I shared, because of the variations in our qualification scores. If you are interested in instructions on how to do this let me know.
Please send others to my blog or ge.tt (http://ge.tt/9pvrztX?c) for downloading this file instead of sharing your copy, so I have an idea of how many people are using it. I am working on adding automated graphing to a data collection Excel file I have been using with my caseload for the past few years.  I will be posting this in a few weeks, so check back if you are interested.
Merry Christmas!

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