Evaluation Performance Graph in Excel

I have created an Excel file which provides a visual of standard and scale scores for evaluations.  I have a lot of parents who find all the scores from tests confusing, so I made this to help them understand. All you have to do is enter the student information and then enter the test name and standard or scale score and Excel will graph the score beside it. The student’s age will be automatically calculated from the date of birth and report. You can download this file DxGraph.xlsx from ge.tt here. Comment if you have any suggestions. 


16 thoughts on “Evaluation Performance Graph in Excel

  1. So, SO wonderful. Thanks! I have a paper version that I just draw lines all over, which ends up almost as confusing. This will be a significant improvement.

  2. Thank you – looking forward to trying it out! I have been playing around trying to find a visual that helps when reviewing test results with parents. This looks like it will be a step up from what I have come up with so far. 🙂 I usually highlight the “average range” on the graph to help parents zero in on (remember) what is 'normal limits'. -Cassandra

  3. Mahalo nui loa for this! I, too, have reports to try this out on and will let you know how the SLP with techno-itis does! Aloha from the Big Island! (Word Press called me “Anonymous”–how rude!)

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  5. This is fantastic. I added/adjusted the shaded areas to show 1.5 standard deviations below mean (red), between 1.5 and 1 standards deviations below (yellow) and less than 1 standard deviation below (green). In my district, the students that have more than 2 index scores in the red area will qualify. This should be very easy to show at meetings now! Thank you for sharing this!!!

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