Super Duper Name that Category Fun Deck

Rating: 5/5
This app provides you with all of the Super Duper “Name that Category” flashcards. It works well with single student or a group, providing automatic switching between students.  All of the Super Duper flashcard apps provide a high quality audio of the flashcard option if it is touched, this one has a correct and incorrect button which keeps score. The data can be sent within an email.  The data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device/SD card. I would recommend this app for lower elementary students working on basic categorical skills.


2 thoughts on “Super Duper Name that Category Fun Deck

  1. Great app. I want to add my favourite app: I recommend it for students because the site has many flashcards for important exams. It even has the exams that I have dificultly to find flashcards. I could learn and play simultaneously through games on this app. 

  2. Hi Kendall,
    This website looks useful for older students or ones learning a second language. It looks like it has more ways to study a set of flashcards than Quizlet, but I couldn’t find very many sets I could use with elementary students as a speech language pathologist. Quizlet has a some articulation cards and a lot of language. Thanks for the info!

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