Plurals Fun Deck

Update: Super Duper allows the users to to email in text and attachment in an update with this app.
Rating: 4/5
Another good Super Duper App for SLPs. This one provides the student with a choice of 2 words (i.e., plural & singular) to complete a sentence. The program can read the sentence and choices.  Singular and Plural forms are both targeted. Irregular and regular plurals are included.
One thing I don’t like about the app is that there is no quick way to just select irregular or regular. Another is that when you email the data it is in an attachment instead of within the email.  Like the other Super Duper apps the data for the email is created in an html file which is saved on the device.  If these aren’t deleted occasionally they can build up. I had over 50 when I first found them.

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