Email to Super Duper Inc.

Below is an email I sent to Super Duper today.
I am a SLP who is enjoying many of your great Apps on my Android Devices. I currently own 14 of you them, most of which I have purchased through the Amazon market. I am currently in the process of reviewing all of these apps on Amazon and my website. I have noticed some issues with a few of the apps and thought I would let you know.
I have been unable to get the Fact or Opinion? app to send student data through email.  Every time I click email results, it says “Error email file not created”.  I have tried this on my Lenovo A1, LG Doubleplay, and Kindle Fire and gotten the same result on all of them.
Opposites Fun Deck and Data Tracker do not store themselves on or allow me to move them to my SD card. It would be nice if these apps stored themselves on the SD card like your other apps especially Opposites Fun Deck which takes up over 14.5 MB of space.
I enjoyed the change in some of your initial apps that placed the student data within email instead of an attachment.  Having the data within the email makes it a lot easier to find and view as well as takes up less space.  I was surprised that this change didn’t continue with the new apps.  Of my 14 apps Understanding Inferences, Name That Category!, Let’s Name Things, Wh Questions at School, Wh Questions at Home, All About You, All About Me, and Fun Deck Following Directions send the data within the email; Data Tracker, Regular Past Tense Verbs, Opposites, Irregular Verbs, Plurals, and Homophones send it as an attachment.  Fact or Opinion? isn’t working.
Storing a copy of the html file used to create the email on the device may be helpful for some people, but I just find it annoying to have to go and delete sometimes fifty+ files on the device. You may want to let your customers know that a file is being saved on the device so they don’t run into problems. Not too many people look at the folders on their tablets or phones.  If possible in future versions of the apps you might want to at least provide the option of deleting the html file after the email has been sent.
Overall your apps are great tools in therapy. I use them every day and look forward to new additions and improvements.
Roger Wagner CCC-SLP

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