How to get free books on a Kindle or computer without using a credit card

This post is probably useful for anyone who wants to read, but I did actually have to figure this out for a student I provide services for as an SLP.  The student had won a Kindle as a prize for having perfect attendance at his school out on the Navajo Reservation.  Of course he didn’t have WIFI or even electricity at his house, so there was no way for him to get anything on his Kindle. I couldn’t bear to see the technology being wasted so I figured out a way to get some free books on his Kindle.  Making a short story long, here is what you need and need to do.
Things needed:  
·         Amazon account or email account to create one (described below)
·         computer with internet access
·         WIFI to transfer books to Kindle (Not needed for computer)
Summary: You can use an email address to create account on a computer, by leaving the credit card information blank when creating the account (this doesn’t work on a Kindle).
If you want to read free or purchased books on your computer, you can download software from amazon and then send e-books from the Kindle Store to the computer and read them.
If you want to read them from your Kindle, smartphone or tablet, you can send them to your device using your computer and then connect to WIFI using the Kindle or Kindle app on the device.
If you don’t have an Amazon account, go to and create an account by scrolling over “Sign In” on the upper right and clicking on the “New Customer click here”.  Complete all the steps required to create an amazon account (using your email address), leaving the space requesting credit card information blank.
Now with the Amazon account you can send free books to your computer or Kindle.
·         If you are sending books to your Kindle click “Manage your Kindle” from the “Your Account” area in the same location as the previous “Sign In”. Follow the directions from Amazon. Please note: you have to use your computer to create the Amazon account and send books to your Kindle from your computer; you are required to enter credit card information if you try to do this on your Kindle.
·         If you are sending books to your computer or any other device go to and download the desired software.
Now you can go to the Kindle eBook store on your computer and start looking for free books.  An easy way to find free books is to click on “Top 100 free” towards the bottom right of the web page or the desired category. You can also go to “Free Collections” section in the lower left of the Kindle eBooks page.  Select your desired book and click “Buy now with one click” and then send it to where you want it to go.

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